What's CynthiaOS?

CynthiaOS is an attempt to build a fast, secure, light-weight and efficient Unix-like operating system by this kiddo.

The name was just a random one I thought was catchy and later found out that it's a Greek origin name that meant "from Mount Cynthus", cool I guess.

I am doing this in order to learn about the core concepts of Computer Science and it's implementation. I started this out of curiosity and it occured to me that building an Operating System from scrath would be a great idea even though I know nothing about it.

This operating system will be focused on security, fastness, and compatibility as it's top priority. As a security researcher myself, I am hoping to learn about low-level vulnerabilities, OS privilege escalations, etc throughout my journey of making this operating system.

I am planning to write this OS in the Rust Programming Language which is faster, safer, high-performant, and efficient than C++.

Release When?

Not in the near future, I am doing this in my spare time so it will take a while for a complete release although you can see the journey on the CynthiaOS GitHub Organization and I will occasionaly write updates on this blog.

My Plans

I am thinking about a lot of ideas and as a single person, I don't think I can implement them all but with the contributions from open-source, it would be really easy. I have plans to build a CynthiaSDK for developing apps specifically for CynthiaOS and Windows/Linux application support by default which I don't even know is possible but I am thinking wine, Lutris, subsystems and all that.

And to support games and GPU usage applications, I have to write GPU drivers and stuff, this will be exciting! I don't even know if I will complete this or if I just procrastinate and forget about this. I really want to release this and make it a daily usable operating system just like the one you're using right now except if you're "that" guy.

Contact Me

cynthiaos@mufeedvh[.]com | Twitter/@mufeedvh | GitHub/@mufeedvh